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10 Dec 2016

What Does Your Nameplate Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Nameplate Say About Your Business?

Business nameplates come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and designs, but what are these slight differences reflecting about your company? Commercial nameplates are necessary for most businesses, but they can be customised to portray the company’s values and can increase its professional image. They need to be practical yet attractive, which is why choosing the right material and production method can be significant.

A high quality commercial nameplate is essential for giving off the right impression. Let’s face it, a thin acrylic plate simply isn’t going to compare to an engraved brass or steel nameplate. Plates are used across many industries for different reasons – they can brandish the business name outside the building or be used inside for lavatory door signs or emergency exit signs. Here’s a few things to consider when choosing your nameplate, as it can say a lot more than you think about the business behind the plate.


A business nameplate is an extension of your branding. It tells everybody where the business is based, so it should be designed in line with your other print work. It should have the same font or typography, and may even include your logo too. But remember, when it comes to business nameplates less is more for the professional look.

Boost Authority

Chic nameplates around the office can increase the sense of authority within a company. Whether the nameplate is simply naming a room or giving instructions, it is more likely to be believed if the plate is high quality and stylish.

Give Clear Information

A heavy duty, stylish nameplate is more effective at giving clear information than a plastic-based overlay or any other type of sign. Plates can indicate fire doors or safe exits, as well as inform visitors how to get to certain parts of the building. A professional engraved or laser cut nameplate gives clear information which is easily noticed.

Suitable Material

The material a nameplate is manufactured with can completely change how it looks. You should always choose a material which is the most practical for its purpose – for example will it have to be weatherproof or fireproof? Most metals offer the same durability, such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium. In this case, choose the material which best reflects your branding or will look right in the office.

What would you like your nameplate to say about your business? Talk to our manufacturing experts and they will be able to advise the best way forward.

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