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05 Jan 2017

5 Applications Which Require Graphic Overlays

5 Applications Which Require Graphic Overlays

Because we see them so often in everyday life and they are used in so many sectors, you may find it difficult to think of many applications or machines which have a graphic overlay. However, when you think about it almost every piece of equipment you touch uses a graphic overlay. The graphic overlay is responsible for protecting the inner components from spills, dirt and other harmful substances – so it is an important feature of any application.

Here are five examples of how graphic overlays are used in domestic and commercial machinery.

1 - Fridge/Freezer

Many modern fridge and freezer units now have an impressive American addition – an ice and water dispenser. This is often controlled digitally or with a membrane keyboard, so you could even be seeing graphic overlays in the home on a regular basis.

2 - Gas Interlock Systems

In a commercial environment such as a restaurant kitchen or school, gas safety is crucial. Kitchens need to be fitted with a gas interlock system or a proving system, which can stop gas flow in an emergency. A slick, full colour design is really important on these type of safety devices as they are often colour coded (red and yellow for emergency stop buttons). A graphic overlay is used to improve the practicality and appearance of the equipment, and it could also include helplines to call an engineer.

3 - Commercial Ovens

Graphic overlays are used a lot in commercial kitchens – which is why they need to be especially resilient against liquids and hot temperatures. Large ovens need clear settings, and if they are visible to the public in an open kitchen then they also need to have cosmetic appeal. A professionally designed and manufactured graphic overlay can do both.

4 - Ultrasound Machine Scanner

In the medical sector, graphic overlays and membrane keyboards are crucial for much of the equipment you see in hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes. Take for example an ultrasound scanner – patients will want to be reassured with a professional looking screen and keypad. In a healthcare environment it is also essential for any touch pads to be made from anti-microbial materials to prevent cross-contamination.

5 - Car dashboard

Graphic overlays are even used in vehicles. They need to be seamless and use appropriate colours to give clear information to the driver. Additionally, any graphic overlays used in a vehicle would need to be able to withstand a range of temperatures, and be built from a material with UV resistant qualities.

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