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31 Dec 2015

5 Tips for Young Engineers Just Starting Out in the Industry

5 Tips for Young Engineers Just Starting Out in the Industry

Young engineers enter the workforce straight out of education. The world is at their feet and they are keen to make an impact on the engineering world.

However for those young engineers just stepping into the industry, the engineering world can seem quite daunting, unlike what they had envisioned whilst studying behind their desk and attending numerous lectures and seminars. 


Here are five helpful tips for young engineers just starting out in the engineering industry and entering the working world.


1. Ask Questions… Then Ask A Few More!

By asking questions, you are forced to consider all the options. It is viral to take yourself out of your comfort zone where you will face adversity. Through adversity, you will grow quickly in knowledge and skill.

There is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’. It is far better to ask questions to the point of annoyance, rather than perform the task to a low or incorrect standard. Even the most simple and most basic question can have a significant effect on how a whole design fits together. As a rule, if something isn’t clear - ask.


2. Communication

In any industry, communication is key. If you are not able to communicate clearly, even the greatest of ideas can have no hope of growing into fruition.

Communication skills such as conversation, writing and presentation should all be honed to a fine point. Learning to present a bespoke design, idea or argument in a clear and concise manner is essential.


3. Build Your Network

By getting to know your lecturers, peers and others in your industry by attending events such as networking evenings, extracurricular lectures and workshops; you can gain valuable guidance from those with a greater amount of experience.

Take advantage of your network to ask as many questions as possible and aim to learn from them. There is a reason in industry that experience is sometimes valued over written formal qualifications.


4. Find A Mentor

Having a more experienced role model can be greatly beneficial to help support and develop your career within the industry. By having someone who inspires you - you are pushed to do better. When you put your name against something, you work harder. It becomes a symbol of your tenacity and devotion.

There is also something to be learned from those whom you do not admire and may even criticise. Identify their weaknesses and learn from them.


5. Never Stop Learning

This should go without saying - but you should never stop learning. Every experience is a learning experience. Even if you were to study for several lifetimes - there would always be more to learn.

The world and its technology are constantly changing, evolving, and if you are to keep up with your peers – ensure that you are constantly expanding your knowledge and skill base.

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