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18 May 2018

5 Ways to Keep the Cost of Labelling Down

5 Ways to Keep the Cost of Labelling Down

Product labels are critical for both branding and practicality, so this isn’t an area for businesses to penny-pinch on. However, that said, product labels are usually required in huge batches so it is important to keep to costs down and stay within budget. Labelling can be complex because of the sheer choice available to companies, coming in all different shapes, sizes, printing methods and materials.

First of all it’s a good idea to get some advice from label experts, perhaps a company who has been manufacturing labels and similar branded products for over 20 years. (Yes, we’re talking about ourselves!) Our friendly team will be able to talk through the many options and advise which type of label would work best for your application, and how to ensure an appropriate spend. Here are some general tips for getting the most out of your labelling budget.

1. Buy in bulk

As with most products which are fully customised, it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk and make the most of your bespoke design. While it’s possible to just order one label to check for quality and sizing, we can print batches of up to one million – and the more you order the more you save. So once you have the design finalised and approved, you might as well stock up.

2. Keep it simple

It’s easy to get carried away with the plethora of design options out there today. From metallic finishes to textured materials, they are all pretty impressive – but will come at an extra cost. Unless your branding specifically relies on these extra special touches, we recommend keeping the label simple. Sometimes a plain black and white label can have a sophisticated appearance over some designs which are “too busy.”

3. Ask for samples

Many printing companies and label manufacturers will be happy to provide samples of their adhesive labels before you place your order. This will help you visualise the labels and be sure of your custom order before it’s put into production, saving any future ‘correction orders.’

4. Don’t be hasty

Don’t rush through a bespoke design and label order, as mistakes are easily made. We like to take the necessary time with each of our clients to talk through the process and send designs back and forth for the optimal result. This way, you’ll hopefully be 100% happy with your labels first time around and you won’t need to waste money on re-prints.

5. Save on shipping

Most companies don’t just require one design of product labels, they also need barcode labels and sometimes multiple designs for multiple products. Why not plan ahead, order all of the labels together and save on shipping costs?

You can save money on custom printed labels without compromising on quality – get in touch with us today for a personalised quote.

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