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20 Mar 2015

5 Ways You Can Use QR Codes More Effectively

5 Ways You Can Use QR Codes More Effectively

At Fascia Graphics® we offer a variety of different labels, from anti-microbial labels, digital labels, hot-foil labels, screen printed labels and QR readable labels to name but a few.

The latter mentioned can prove to be an invaluable resource in your marketing strategy, providing it is utilised effectively.

A QR code is quite simply a ‘call to action’, and there should be an enticing reason for your audience to pick up their smartphone and scan the code.

Here are five ways in which you can optimise your QR codes so they are more effective:  

Be Relevant

QR codes don’t just have to direct the viewer to your home page. They can be personalised, with each user’s landing page tailored to them. By utilising the data you have on your customers you can tailor the code to display offers, incentives etc… that correspond with their specific demographic and needs. The more relevant the landing page, the more effective it will be.   

Optimise for Mobile Viewing

When users access QR codes they do so using their smartphone’s browser and not their desktop computers. Therefore, it is imperative that the QR codes are optimised for mobile viewing. It is important to remember that the processing speed of a mobile is far less than that of your desktop computer, and the optimal screen resolution should work with widths of 320px and 480px; the most common smartphone screen sizes.


Not everyone knows how to use a QR code, so it is necessary that this information is provided to them on the label. Information that should be included should be how to download a reader and a visual reference or reference to the word ‘smartphone’, since traditional mobile phones do not possess the technology to scan QR codes.   


After going through all the effort to design and create the perfect QR code campaign, it is vital that you test the code prior to printing. Ensure that there is the right amount of contrast between the code and the background it is printed on, and that there is enough ‘quiet space’ around the code. You should also take into consideration the distance at which the user will scan the code, and ensure that code is big enough, especially if the code is more complex.

Measure Campaign

The great thing about QR codes is that they can show you who scanned it, when they scanned it, and what they clicked and entered in real time. The analytics generated will prove to be an invaluable resource when creating your next QR code campaign, with metrics such as; which browsers and devices they used, their location, links clicked, daily/hourly activity etc… Utilising these metrics, even if your campaign was a failure, will increase your chances of your next QR code campaign being a better success. 

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