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14 Apr 2014

6 Advantages to Making it British

6 Advantages to Making it British

Fascia Graphics® Managing Director Paul Bennett was recently featured in CIE Magazine taking about the UK’s chance to become a ‘Re-Shore Nation’. Read the full article here.

Below are 6 benefits of making it in Britain:


A product that is manufactured in the UK can be more closely controlled and reviewed; a high-quality prototype can be supplied at a quick turnaround, leaving plenty of time to make any necessary changes before going into full production.


There are no language barriers when dealing with suppliers in the UK, so any confusion is cut out, and there is less risk of a product arriving not as specified. There’s also no excuse for poor quality, but if there is a problem, it’s possible to call or visit the manufacturer. At Fascia, we have a regional network of sales managers – so you don’t even have to leave your premises if you need to discuss product specifications or solutions. Also, the fact that you are in the same time zone also means that sales and technical representatives are on hand to offer advice during UK business hours.


It can be frustrating when overseas companies push up lead times, which are often three times as long as in the UK. Also, if you have an urgent or last minute order, there’s more possibility of it being fulfilled – as some companies are willing to set up 24 hour production to ensure a deadline is met.

Transit….speed and green

The other benefit of sourcing product components in the UK is that they don’t have to be imported, so shipping timescales, delays, and rates don’t slow down the overall process or push prices up. Again, if products are needed urgently, it’s easy to arrange delivery to other parts of the country, and courier costs are much cheaper. Equally, shipping products halfway around the world will significantly impact the environment, so re-shoring manufacturing will also reduce a company’s carbon footprint.


Re-shoring gives a company the opportunity to build a new and lasting relationship with a supplier that can be trusted to provide a high quality service and product.


British manufacturers have some of the most carbon efficient and technically advanced machinery, capable of producing high quality products. Some recent investments have not only benefited Fascia by allowing us to edge closer to the £4million turnover landmark, but our customers too. We invested in a new digital printer, a Pick and Place machine, and the UK’s first servo-driven press within our industry. These investments have improved our efficiency, supported the environmental improvements we are continually making to the business, and have drastically increased our production capabilities. The new automated machinery has allowed us to cope with an increased throughput and to run with reduced overheads, whilst overall, improving our lean manufacturing – all of which saves our customers money, and ensures that they always receive a superior product to those which are manufacture domestically or overseas.


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