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11 Apr 2014

Fascia Graphics 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Fascia Graphics 20th Anniversary Celebrations

On Friday 4th April all of the team here at Fascia Graphics® and our families celebrated 20 years of manufacturing Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays and Labels.


The day started with a coach ride to Tortworth Court Hotel; a grand grade II* listed Victorian mansion, set in 30 acres of beautiful parkland with its own arboretum, the hotel offered elegance and historic charm, the perfect location to celebrate such a special day.

On arrival our luggage was taken by the concierge to our rooms as we were shown to the marquee for a light breakfast and briefed on the day’s events by Barrie Davies of Corporactive (a company specializing in team and relationship building activities). Most importantly during the briefing, we were placed into our teams where we would spend the day competing together on different events.

In total there were 14 teams of 5 or 6, where two teams would compete at a time on 7 events; Longbow Archery, Target Rifles, Target Golf, Laser Clays, Ferret Racing, The Boat Race and The Fascia Lawn Games, with all teams competing together on a further two events; The Ball Race and Sombrero Transfero.

Barrie and his team at Corporactive were both professional and friendly making everyone feel safe and every event truly enjoyable.

All the events gave our staff a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other, where they may not have been previously been able to. Working together to make import decisions such as; what block to move in giant Jenga or which ferret shows the greatest aptitude and will bring the race home. The day’s events summarized Fascia Graphics, a company which is like one big family, where everyone is able to enjoy their work, working together to complete every task, in a friendly atmosphere.


After all the events had been completed, and the scores tallied, it was time for the results!

In 3rd place, captained by Area Sales Manager Clare McAtear were “The Racketeers”.

In 2nd place, captained by Engineering Manager Jeremy Spruce were “Spruced-Up”.

And taking the crown were “The Close-Shaves” captained by Membrane Supervisor Tony Barber.


After the day’s excitements, staff and their families had down time to enjoy the hotel and its facilities before coming together again for a stunning three course meal and disco, in The Orangery; a lavish conservatory perfect and idyllic as the final setting for such a fantastic day.

The birthday celebration was the company’s way of thanking all our staff for their hard work, commitment, effort and the application that has been shown over the past twenty years. It is testament to our team that even now, whilst we enter our twenty-first year in business we look for growth and continual improvement.

Whilst we are extremely grateful to our staff we also have another big thank you – to all of you our customers, past present and new for your much valued business.


Here are just some of the reactions to the day’s celebrations:


“The best part of the anniversary was the togetherness and teamwork that the events encouraged. It was refreshing to be in a group with people that you do not usually see and having a blast in the process. The food was fantastic; the evening was well-organised and had an excellent atmosphere. The hotel was beautiful and lived up to all expectations. The only fault I can find is that it was all over so quickly!”Tom Causer, Production Engineer


“Archery was my favourite: Never used a bow and arrow before so imagine my surprise when I managed 5 bulls eyes!! I might take this up as a sport now!! Also: The giant Jenga was so tense, can’t believe the teams involved could get so nervous waiting for the ultimate collapse!!”Mark Anderson, Sales Manager


“It would be wrong for me to single out one thing or one person from such a perfect day spent with the best guys I have ever been fortunate enough to work with, thank you all for spending our 20th birthday in such enjoyable circumstances.”Paul Bennett, Managing Director


“The boat race was great as it was not only team building but a laugh trying to stay on the boat all the way! I also enjoyed the evening because it was nice to meet and talk to people that I don’t usually talk to.”Rebecca Newton, Production Engineer


“I loved every bit if the day but the bit that stands out most is a team of old farts blasting the field on the boat race, that was funny and bloody hard work. The organisation, the event staff themselves, our staff the hotel, the food, and so on, all was absolutely brilliant.”Tony Kelty, Sales Manager

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