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21 Nov 2016

How First Impressions Portray Professionalism

How First Impressions Portray Professionalism

Did you know it takes just seven seconds to create a first impression – an opinion which is difficult to change? For businesses, it is crucial that prospective clients, business partners or employees form a good first impression and positive view of the company. It’s not just the person they meet that can influence the impression made; everything from the cleanliness of the building to the friendliness of the receptionist can make a difference.

The main thing the business wants to appear is professional. Your office and everybody in it should portray professionalism in order to make a good first impression. Here are some essential business tips for making first impressions count.

A unique business card

A business card can say a lot about a person or organisation. If the design is a standard template and the material appears cheap, you’re not painting the company in the best light. Really take the time to create a meaningful business card that stands out from the crowd. This is especially useful at networking events when people will be handed loads of cards.

Expressive logo and branding

Of course, in the digital world we often do business in, it is imperative that your online presence makes a good impression. This includes your website and other social media profiles, but essentially it’s the basics such as the logo and consistent branding which make the difference. Make sure these elements say what you want them to say about the business, portraying your values and ethics.

Friendly and helpful customer service

In many cases, the first person at the company people will speak to are your customer service team, or reception desk. They are responsible for making the first impression, so make sure they aware of this. The staff members should always be friendly, even to rude customers, and endeavour to solve problems as efficiently as possible.

Professional Nameplate

When people visit your office or store, it’s vital that they feel welcome and develop a professional opinion of the company. Just the style of the nameplate next to the door can plant the seeds of an impression. What material is the nameplate and what does this say about the business? In most cases a metal plate will look more professional than acrylic. The production process can also have an impact on the nameplate’s aesthetics – is it engraved or laser printed?

First impressions are crucial in a competitive market. To get an objective view, why not ask someone to rate your office and virtual presence as an outsider?

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