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22 Dec 2014

How to Create a Successful Apprenticeship Programme

How to Create a Successful Apprenticeship Programme

1)      Decide what areas in your business you need an apprenticeship.

The first step you should take in creating a successful apprenticeship programme is to assess the area of your business where an apprentice could realistically fit in.    


2)      Contact your local college for a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Once you have decided on the area of your business that requires an apprentice, your next step should be to make contact with your local college, to discuss your requirements.


3)      Decide on the type of candidates required with the assistance from the college.

It is important that you discuss with the college the type of candidates required for your apprenticeships roles. By having a clear criteria the apprenticeships roles can be advertised accordingly to bring in the most suitable candidates. 


4)      Decide on an apprenticeship course relevant to the job role.

As part of the apprenticeship programme, apprentices will also need to complete a relevant college course, to assist with the ‘on the job’ training and gain a nationally recognised qualification.  


5)      Your local college will then advertise the role.

Once the role and curriculum has been decided, your partner college can then begin to advertise the apprenticeship role, receiving the applications for their initial assessments.


6)      The college then interviews the candidates and carries out basic skills, Maths and English assessments.

Once the apprenticeship has had a number of suitable applications the college will then all in the candidates for their initial interview. During this time, the college will carry out basic skills, maths and English assessments to establish the candidate’s current aptitude level.


7)      The college will then refer suitable students to you for a further interview.

Candidates that pass the initial interview and assessments are then referred to you for a further interview. 


8)      Offer apprentices a week’s trial to see if they are the right fit for your business and if your business is the right fit for them.

Candidates that impress on the second interviews should be offered a week’s trial with your business. It is at this stage that you can discover is the potential apprentice is the right fit for your business, but also if your business is the right fit for them. This will save time in the long run and avoid one or both parties being unhappy union.


9)      Successful applicants can then be signed up and enrolled on a college course.

Once you have found a successful candidate, you can then officially offer them the apprenticeship role and sign them up to the relevant college course.


10)   Apprenticeships can last 18-24 months or longer depending on the type of course. During this time apprentices can build upon their career within your business and progress through the company.

Apprenticeship roles typically last a couple of years  and during this time you can mould your apprentices into valuable members of your team, building on their career within your business, with the possibility to progress on up through the company.


Done correctly apprenticeship programmes can really benefit both the apprentice and the business. At Fascia Graphics®, we ourselves have already completed one successful apprentice programme, with the apprentices being taken on as full-time employees after completion of the programme, and are now 6 months into our new apprenticeship programme which is proving to be just a fruitful as the first.     

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