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19 Jun 2016

How to Create Product Safety Labels

How to Create Product Safety Labels


Product safety labels are one of the most important – and legal – documents your company will create. There are various standards which you must comply with when designing your safety labels, which is why it’s critical you get them right. Whatever equipment or products you manufacture, make sure they are in safe hands with effective safety labels.

There are different regulations for different industries and products, so it is important you stay up to date with the ones which apply to your sector. In general, safety signs and labels usually fall into the following groups:

Hazard alerting (Danger, Warning, Caution)

Safety/maintenance instructions

Unsuitable for/keep away from (babies or children, daylight, outdoor use)

Danger symbols

There may be additional industry specific safety labels for your products to add.

Choosing your signal word

Firstly, before thinking about the design of your safety label, you will probably have to choose your signal word. This word will determine how much risk there is to the user.

Danger – this is used in extreme situations where serious injury or death could occur if not avoided.

Warning – this indicates a hazardous situation which could potentially result in serious injury or death

Caution – used for hazardous situations which could result in mild or moderate injury.

In order to choose the correct signal word for your product, you will need to conduct a risk assessment.


The rest of the content on the safety label will depend on other factors. For example, food labelling will have to contain very detailed information on allergies and ingredients, and possibly instructions for heating or opening. Other products will also need precise information, such as hazardous substances and products for children and babies.

Whatever wording you use, remember to keep it as clear and concise as possible. Consumers can be put off reading large chunks of black and white text. Use colours and a larger font to highlight very important instructions or safety information.

 Warning label


To create an effective safety label, you also need to carefully consider its placement on the product or packaging. Think about your audience and where they will look for the safety information. Certain safety labels will need to be on show on the packaging, while other stickers can be part of the manual or guidance booklet.

A safety label in a product

If you would like more advice on the legal components of safety labels, visit the government website on product labelling: https://www.gov.uk/product-labelling-the-law

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