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28 Nov 2014

How to handle a Membrane Keypad

How to handle a Membrane Keypad

When handling a Membrane Keypad it is imperative that you follow the correct procedures, to avoid damage to the circuit, membrane tail, LEDs and dome keys.


Below is the correct procedure you should follow when handling a membrane switch.


1)      When locating the membrane assembly, ensure it is in the correct position. Removing and replacing it can damage the circuits, LED adhesive and collapse the domes.

 How not to handle a Membrane Keypad Handling a Membrane Keypad


2)      Do not press the buttons (click the keypad domes) unless the overlay is on a flat surface, this can also collapse the domes and will render a non-tactile response from the button.

 How not to test keys on a Membrane Keypad How to test keys on a Membrane Keypad


3)      Do not crease or fold the membrane tail. Membrane tails are fragile and require care when locating into electronic units/mouldings.

 Do not crease Membrane Keypad Tail Do not bend Membrane Keypad Tail How to handle a Membrane Keypad Tail               

A slight bend with no crease

Is acceptable


Blue and White LEDs

Membranes with blue and white LEDs can be affected by burn out from static electricity in the air, so it is imperative that the handling and storage is corrected for longevity of the product.


1)      Always use Anti-Static Wristbands when handling the product.

 Always use Anti-Static Wristband when handling a Membrane Keypad Anti-Static Wristband


2)      Always use Anti-Static bags.

 Anti-Static Bag


3)      Pack with suitable Anti-Static bubble wrap and/or bags.

Membrane Keypad in Anti-Static Packaging Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

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