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10 Sep 2015

The Benefits of Nameplates

The Benefits of Nameplates

The Benefits of Nameplates


Something as simple as a nameplate can have a multitude of benefits. Used across a range of different sectors, nameplates have become a staple for many businesses – Could your business benefit?

What is a nameplate?

Made with modern equipment, a nameplate identifies a product’s name, and displays crucial information including limitations and serial numbers. They can be two – or three dimensional and come in many materials such as brass, aluminium, traffalite and steel. Nameplates are found everywhere from the military to railways, security and medical services. They are used where harsh weather or life expectancy would not allow for the use of traditional, plastic based overlays that are normally used. All sizes can be customised to suit all needs.


Nameplates can be seen on many locomotives both in the UK and worldwide. Each train has a name etched into a metal plate, which is bolted to the side. They can offer a traditional or vintage aesthetic compared to their plastic counter parts. Seeing as plastic was not readily used up until the late 21st century.


Compared to plastic plates, metal has a 'higher-end' appearance. With many metals available, looks can be tailored depending on what a business or company want to say to their audience. Brass can be used as a cheap alternative to gold, giving a chic, polished look. For businesses looking for something durable and heavy-duty, stainless steel can help. This showcases a name and is weather resistant - Perfect for vehicles and things that are subjected to the elements.


Using a nameplate suggests confidence in a product or service. This is because metal not only costs more than plastic, it is also more visually pleasing. Those who gaze on a metal nameplate are likely to assume that something is high-end and expensive. This can be beneficial for companies or businesses that sell luxury products, or have well off clientele.

Fascia’s Nameplates

When producing nameplates, Fascia Graphics uses innovative techniques such as etching, engraving, screen-printing and anodising. With a number of options available, there is something for every business. These include:

  • Laser cutting
  • Plating
  • Powder coating
  • Screen printing
  • Stove enamelling

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