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16 Feb 2015

The Five Rules to Great Customer Service

The Five Rules to Great Customer Service

At Fascia Graphics® we have earned an excellent reputation, not only for the quality of our bespoke membrane keypads, graphic overlays and screen printed labels, but also for our great customer service. 

Providing excellent customer service not only results in retaining loyal customers, but over time wins new customers more than any promotion, price-slashing or quick-fix marketing campaign.

A business really cannot afford to provide bad customer service. Below are five key rules you should follow if you’re to provide great customer service and reap the benefits.


1.       Efficient Response Time

Understandably not everyone can respond instantaneously with their busy schedules, but a reasonably efficient response will make anyone happy. No one wants to wait hours or days for a response to their enquiry.

2.       Listen

There is nothing more exasperating to a customer that telling someone what they want or what their problem is, only to discover that you have not been paying attention. By listening to your customer, and getting an understanding of what their needs are, you can make suggestions how to solve their problem and leave the customer feeling satisfied that their issue has been resolved.

3.       Be Knowledgeable

Nobody knows everything, however, to provide great customer service you need to know what you’re talking about or be willing to go find the answer. By training your staff to be knowledgeable about your product and services, your customers can be satisfied right away and not have to hear “I don’t know, but so-and-so will be back at…”, and leave without the answers they were looking for.

4.       Go the Extra Mile

People notice when an extra effort is made. Don’t just give someone the answer they were looking for, but ask to see if they have any questions about it, can you be of any further assistance? Whatever the extra step may be, to provide excellent customer service, take it.

5.       Don’t Make Promises You Cannot Keep

Reliability is one of the keys to any good relationship and customer service is no exception. If you tell your customer a product is going to be delivered on a certain day, make sure it is. If you cannot guarantee a delivery day, don’t promise it, as nothing annoys customers more than a broken promise. 

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