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08 Dec 2014

Top 10 longest serving Fascia Graphics® employees

Top 10 longest serving Fascia Graphics® employees

At Fascia Graphics® we have excellent staff retention. Currently the average period of employment is in excess of nine years! We believe this is because of the company policy to nurture and support our staff and ensure that Fascia Graphics® is not just a place you come to work, but is like a family, where everyone works together.

We are very proud of the commitment shown by our staff, but would like to give a very special ‘Thank You’ and let everyone know about our longest serving employees, who between them have been with Fascia Graphics® a very impressive 167 years!



Stuart Morris PrinterStuart Morris     Printer, 20 years’ service

The longest-serving employee at Fascia Graphics®, with more than 20 years’ service, Stuart started as a Finisher at Fascia on 1st May 1994, when the company had only been in business 2 months.   During his time with the company Stuart has become a much loved and invaluable member of the Fascia Graphics team.




Cathy Wilson Design ManagerCathy Wilson     Design Manager, 18 years’ service

Cathy started as a Graphic Artist at Fascia on 13th May 1996. Over her 18 years’ service Cathy has grown and progressed with the company, training our new designers with the valuable skills she has picked up over the years. Cathy now holds the position of Design Manager at Fascia Graphics®.




Gary Knowles Operations ManagerGary Knowles    Operations Manager, 18 years’ service

Gary started out with the company tooling membrane keypads and applying the required adhesives as a Finisher on 21st May 1996. Gary’s hard work and extensive knowledge of all aspects of the manufacturing process at Fascia Graphics® has seen Gary achieve the role of Operations Manager.




Tony Barber Membrane SupervisorTony Barber       Membrane Supervisor, 17 years’ service

Tony joined the Fascia Graphics® team on 21st January 1997 as a Membrane Assembler, assembling membrane keypads using specialist equipment and testing them to ensure that they are fully functional. As the most experienced member of the membrane assembly team, Tony now holds the role of Membrane Supervisor.




Paul Lait First Off Inspector Supervisor Paul Lait               First-Off Inspector/Supervisor, 17 years’ service

A widely respected member of the team Paul started his career as a Printer at Fascia Graphics® on 24th February 1997. Over his 17 years’ service, Paul has gained outstanding insight into  the production process, now holding the role of First-Off Inspector/Supervisor, ensuring that all jobs are accurate before going into production. 




Jo Tilley Graphic ArtistJo Tilley               Graphic Artist, 17 years’ service

Jo joined the Fascia Graphics® design department as a Graphic Artist on 23rd June 1997. During her 17 years with the company, Jo’s design skills have been invaluable in the creation of many of the membrane keypads, graphic overlays and labels we produce.





Andrew Morse SupervisorAndrew Morse Supervisor, 16 years’ service

Supervisor Andrew started out with Fascia as a Printer on 14th September 1998. Having gained an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes over his 16 years’ service, Andrew has become an essential member of the Fascia Graphics® team. His experience and knowledge are invaluable resource to the rest of the Fascia team.




Tony Kelty Internal Sales ManagerTony Kelty          Internal Sales Manager, 16 years’ service

Internal Sales Manager Tony started as a Sales/Admin Assistant at Fascia. Having been with the company since 9th March 1998, Tony has diligently looked after Fascia’s customers, playing a pivotal role in improving Fascia Graphics® customer relations.





Bev Turner PrinterBev Turner          Printer, 14 years’ service

Printer Bev joined the Fascia Graphics® team on the 14th August 2000. A friendly and much loved member of the team, Bev is a very talented Printer, who is widely respected amongst her peers. What some might find difficult to print, Bev can do with effortless ease.      





Lynda Zych Financial ManagerLynda Zych          Finance Manager, 14 years’ service

Lynda joined the Fascia Graphics® team as an accountant on 1st July 2000. With a strong background in finance, Lynda’s knowledge and experience proved invaluable. Recently Lynda managed the seamless adoption of the automatic enrolment of work based pensions.  

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