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05 Nov 2015

What Your Label Says About You

What Your Label Says About You

As a business, image is everything. It is why we hire design and marketing teams and it is how we sell our products or services. An image is the basis for a business’ reputation and it is crucial to get it right.

On a product, the labelling and packaging represents the brand. Consumers will expect high quality from a well-designed and clear cut label, but if the label looks shoddy and hasn’t had a lot of time invested in to it, it will put consumers off.  You can have the best item in the world, but if your image is poor, it won’t sell.

Here are a few factors behind what makes a good label and what makes a bad one.

Colour Psychology

In marketing, it’s understood that the psychology behind a colour plays a massively important role in how a product is viewed. A colour can often immediately represent a brand, such as red and yellow for McDonald’s logo or the bright red for Coca Cola. 

Some major brand colours are:

Red: The colour red often symbolises power, speed and strength. It’s bold and brass and stands out on supermarket shelves. It’s the colour most aligned with impulse buying too!

Black: For consumers, black represents sophistication and class. It makes a product look more professional and chic. Black is another colour that goes hand in hand with impulse buying.

White: Cleanliness, simplicity and clarity of thought. You’ll notice that a lot of hygiene and beauty products have a white base to represent purity and the feeling of being clean. One of the most phenomenal examples of colour branding was by Steve Jobs, who ensured the colour white became synonymous with many of the most successful Apple products.

Green: The colour green runs side by side with peace, growth and health. It also falls parallel with nature and a lot of eco-conscious products tend to infuse green within labels and brands.

Almost every academic paper on the relationship between colour and marketing will tell you that it’s important for your brand’s colours to support the personality you want to portray as opposed to trying to align with these stereotypical colour associations. So when choosing a label, think about what you want to show with your product - don’t try and pigeon hole it into a group!

Quality of the Label

You also can’t get away with poor quality labelling either. Make sure you choose a manufacturer who has a good reputation.  Find one who will offer the latest technology in self-adhesive labels, such as Fascia Graphics. Using digital, hot-foil or lithographic technologies is the best way to convince your customers you have a sophisticated brand ready to offer a fine product.

The Design

Finally, the design itself needs to display the kind of image you want to portray to consumers. When it’s on retail shelves, in the high street or online, what idea do you want to give customers?

If it’s a simple design, customers will see it as professional and stylish. If you want to show a fun and exciting personality, having a lot of intricate design with bursts of colour may be the way to go.

Remember, you choose your branding on how you want to be perceived by the customer, don’t try to imitate major labels or force yourself into a stereotype.


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