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14 Jun 2017

Why Product Research and R&D is Important

Why Product Research and R&D is Important

The benefits of research and development might seem fairly obvious, but there are still many manufacturers out there who choose to skip this step in order to save money. However, when developing new products there is always a risk that something could go wrong, maybe even years from now, that could have been prevented with investment in R&D.

Making sure the product is fit for purpose and the production methods are viable is only half of the R&D process. Sometimes, you may even find a way to improve the product and reduce costs at the same time. You’ll have a better chance at succeeding in a global market and could protect the company from losses if a product did not meet safety standards.

Let’s look at why R&D and specific product research is important for all industries.


You can’t innovate without research – it’s as simple as that. Innovation is incredibly important for all companies and the wider economy, and can give businesses a competitive advantage. R&D can lead to better products, more creative designs and processes which could over time develop into value for the company. Prove you are an innovative company by investing in a significant R&D project.


Businesses often overlook the fact that investing in R&D can improve efficiency of production. Doing things the first way you thought to do it isn’t always the best way. You could find, through the R&D process, that you could increase the proficiency of a product or the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Cost Management

In addition to improvements in efficiency and innovation, R&D could also find opportunities to reduce costs. By experimenting with different materials, prototypes and production methods, you could succeed in lowering the cost of overall production.

Market Trends

Another advantage is being able to stay relevant and keep on top of current trends. You may initially design a product a certain way, but an upcoming trend at the time of R&D could take the product in a new direction. A company needs to stay current to succeed.

Investing time and money into research and development is a win-win situation. Companies can make vast improvements to a product while possibly increasing profit margins and staying in line with market trends. Here at Fascia Graphics, our R&D department were responsible for making sure we were one of the first manufacturers to develop anti-microbial coatings for labels and graphic overlays.


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