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Case Study: Intelligas

Intelligas Background

Founded in 2007, Intelligas is a UK based company providing the highest quality Gas Interlock and Proving Systems for commercial kitchens and schools.

The company works directly with customers, installers and designers to provide gas interlock systems that combine complete ease of use with extremely intelligent systems. Intelligas systems range from enterprise level gas interlock systems to microprocessor based controller systems.

Intelligas and CCL Design

Since the company’s inception, one of the main improvements made to its products was moving from a tired and drab looking Traffolyte engraved fascia to a full colour self-adhesive Graphic Overlays.

Andy Dickenson, Managing Director of Intelligas comments:

“After looking at suppliers for this type of product we contacted CCL Design for some advice. We were put in contact with Tony Kelty, a sales manager for the company. Without a promise of an order, Tony visited us to discuss the options to reduce the cost of the transitional change from our ‘pay as you go’ ordering of Traffolyte labels to bulk purchase of self-adhesive overlays.”

The Product

Once Intelligas completed the design outline of its first fascia for its 100 series gas interlock, CCL Design’ design team reacted quickly. Andy Dickenson commented: “They just seemed to understand what we wanted to achieve and within a few hours we had a design proof emailed back to us.

The improvements in the new fascia’s made the product even more striking. Whilst our products have always stood head and shoulders above our competitors, this massive improvement created even more visual impact.”

In conclusion, Andy Dickenson commented:

“We'd like to thank the team at CCL Design for their commitment to our product line. Particular praise should be given to Tony Kelty who, with a sympathetic approach to the needs of a small business has helped to build a lasting relationship between CCL Design and Intelligas.”