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Case Study: PowerOasis

PowerOasis – Background

Established in 2007, PowerOasis is a UK based company providing turnkey, off-grid power solutions for operators of mobile phone base stations. The company is acknowledged as leaders in the area of remote base station power. For instance, it helped, industry Association, GSMA shape their ‘Green Power for Mobile’ programme.

Specifically, PowerOasis provides products and services that reduce diesel consumption for remote mobile phone base stations by supplementing or replacing diesel generators with wind and/or solar renewable energy and by intelligently managing diesel generators when present.

The company has identified the potential future growth for Green Telecoms. For instance, there are presently over 400,000 base stations globally powered by diesel generators, with this figure expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next four years. By 2013 Green Telecoms equipment will account for 46 per cent of the $277billion telecom infrastructure market.

Although the company only launched its first product in 2008, it has already deployed systems for Digicel Vanuatu, Dialog Sri Lanka, T-Mobile Montenegro, Vodafone Qatar, Samsung South Korea and it is also part of Alcatel-Lucent’s Alternative Energy Test Programme.

PowerOasis and CCL Design

PowerOasis identified CCL Design, the market leader for the production of Membrane Keypads in May 2009 through an internet search for local manufacturers of Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads. It required a Membrane Keypad for its PowerOasis Controller (D) - a new 19” rack mounted diesel generator management unit. The Membrane Keypad needed the ability for data entry plus associated display to change configuration settings and manage alarms.

Ivan Harris, Chief Marketing Officer of PowerOasis commented:

“It was crucial that we embodied our brand into the design and stand out from the other units on the market. The general design was undertaken by our graphic design company, and then converted into engineering drawings by CCL Design.”

As CCL Design has established relationships with the leading suppliers in the industry, we were able to suggest Autotex® Steel, an innovative hard-coated polyester film that replicates the look of stainless steel. The benefits of Autotex® Steel are not just cosmetic. It can easily be embossed, making it ideal for use with domed tactile Membrane Keypads or in applications where keys or panel areas need to have raised edges.

Tim Congdon, European Business Development Manager at CCL Design commented:

“We have found Autotex Steel easy to handle throughout the manufacturing process. It’s tough outer surface also offers excellent resistance to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals and solvents, therefore, ideal for the rigors of being mounted on a mobile phone base station.”

Ivan Harris of PowerOasis concluded:

“CCL Design are highly responsive, collaborative and professional. They have helped us identify the most appropriate materials for our membranes and have accommodated an engaging approach to turning our requirements into a finished product. They have always been transparent on their costs and have helped us arrive at a lower cost solution in some cases by helping us trade off requirements. The quality of the shipped items have been exemplary.”

The PowerOasis Controller (D), incorporating CCL Design’s Membrane Keypad was launched in 2010.