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Graphic Overlay Manufacture

CCL Design utilises a full range of materials and adhesives to offer Graphic Overlay solutions for all applications. For any given market sector or application we are able to provide the perfect solution, giving our customers confidence in the suitability of their finished product.

From low cost prototypes to full production volumes CCL Design offers a consistently reliable product at competitive prices with industry leading customer service.

Features & Options for Graphic Overlays:

  • Wide variety of Polyester and Polycarbonate finishes
  • Materials suitable for extreme or harsh conditions
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Anti-microbial materials
  • UV resistant materials
  • ATEX approved materials
  • Embossing; rim, pillow, braille, dome or combination
  • RFI/ESD/EMC shielding through ITO sputter coatings
  • Interchangeable legend and inserts
  • Selective textures via UV Lacquer coatings
  • ‘Secret-until-lit’ legends and graphics
  • Filter windows
  • Ul Approved Graphic Overlays

The following information is to be used as a guideline for the more common Graphic Overlay materials. There are also many hybrid materials designed for specific applications and environments. Before specifying a material for a new Graphic Overlay project we advise speaking to one of our technical team to ensure the perfect material is selected for your individual requirement:


Polyester is a high performance film that is tougher and more durable than Polycarbonate and PVC films. It offers enhanced chemical resistance and dramatically improved flex life. It is available up to 280 microns thick with a full range of textured, gloss and anti-glare finishes. Certain grades of Polyester are fully UV stable and can be supplied with anti-microbial coatings. Polyester is ideal for embossed features or hostile, demanding environments.


Polycarbonate is a high performance film available in thicknesses from 0.125-2.0mm. Polycarbonate films are versatile, durable and thermally stable, offering excellent optical transmission and good mechanical properties. Polycarbonate is available with a wide variety of surface textures and can be embossed. It is also available with hard-surface coatings and can be specified as fire retardant.


PVC is a lower cost material than Polyester and Polycarbonate but still offers good durability. It is available as a clear film or in a number of solid colour finishes. PVC can be supplied as a smooth gloss-finish material or with a textured ‘mark-resist’ finish to increase the materials resistance to mechanical abrasion.


Vinyl is a low-cost material that is supplied as a self-adhesive film. Vinyl is available in a number of colours and can be matt, gloss or clear. Due to it being self-adhesive, vinyl can only be printed on the front face which exposes the print to the environment the finished product is placed within. Vinyl can be over-laminated after it has been printed with a variety of protective films to increase its mechanical performance. Vinyl is ideal for simple labels and decorative trim.