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MRP Operation Systems

To ensure our customers receive the market-leading customer service on which we have built our reputation, CCL Design utilises a fully computerised MRP system.

This software gives us total control of all aspects of the business, including purchasing, stock-control, production scheduling and invoicing. The system also employs a full barcode tracking system throughout our production facility. The barcode tracking enables us to quickly trace any product within our production as well as control JIT purchasing from our suppliers.

Benefits of our MRP Operating System:

  • Creates estimates based on data captured from production
  • Controls stock levels and JIT purchasing systems
  • Schedules each stage of production based on real time data to prevent over-loading or bottle-necks
  • Tracks all parts through production ensuring delivery schedules are met
  • Automatically carries out time and motion studies on all processes and personnel, hi-lighting training or process needs
  • Creates invoices, delivery notes, C of C’s, D of C’s etc…
  • Enables us to quickly provide accurate quotations for new products
  • Automatically links to SAGE for efficient and accurate accounting
  • Links to QA software and systems for total control