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Fire Sector Manufacturing

Fascia Graphics® have been supplying Membrane Keypads, Graphic Overlays and Labels for the fire detection sector for nearly two decades. Utilising polyester, PVC, polycarbonate and FR (Flame Retardant) materials, Fascia Graphics® are able to meet the requirements for the extreme demands placed upon these products.

Our high quality product, technical expertise, fast turnaround and industry leading customer service are some of the reasons our customers return again and again. Chris Page, Purchasing Manager of EMS Supplies said:

"I am without doubt that Fascia Graphics® are the best in the business. Fascia has been a supplier to EMS Supplies Ltd for over 15 years. I do 'price bench-marking' with alternative suppliers from time to time and find Fascia to be very competitive in the marketplace, and their quality is first class!”

For further information on our Fire detection application products please contact a member of our sales team on 01249 460606.